Posted on by Chantelle Beasley

How Pole Dancing Has Changed My Way of Thinking:

These days you’ll often hear me speaking about women feeling empowered, sexy, and beautiful in their own skin. While it might be annoying to some people that I’m constantly sharing my feelings of empowerment, I feel it needs to be done. Why? Because I want everybody to feel the way that I do – because I wasn’t living life to my full potential prior to this feeling! I was the girl that went to the gym because I had to, not because I wanted to. I didn’t care about fitness, or being healthy, I just wanted to be skinny. I wanted to look like any other girl; as long as it wasn’t me. How can I change my hair, my thighs that rub together, my chicken cutlets, my acne prone skin, my tummy, my everything? Well apparently what I needed to change most was my ATTITUDE.

When I decided to take pole fitness classes, I just thought it would be a hell of a good time. I wasn’t really expecting anything physical. The best workout I got in my first class was my abs, from basically laughing at myself and thinking “Dear lord, what am I doing in this class? I am not sexy, in fact, I’m extremely awkward!”

But I remember looking at my instructors, and thinking “Wow, what beauty, what grace, what confidence!” If one day I could be anywhere near those girls, then I would be happy – hopefully. Their glowing confidence is what made them beautiful – even with their different colored hairstyles, thicker thighs and bellies, small bosoms. They loved the skin they were in, and everyone could see it.

I continued with pole while my fiance was in Afghanistan to pass the time. It went from me wanting to learn a little bit more about being and feeling sexy, to earning tricks! Each trick I worked hard for, and then earned, was an inexplicable feeling. Fast forward four years, and I now own 3 studio locations. I preach this because it works. I have 16 beautiful instructors who feel just as empowered as I do. We can walk into a room, and are excited to MEET new people, and share so many interesting things about ourselves. We are proud! We are strong, we are fit. We no longer focus on losing pounds and inches, as we now look forward to exploring the new amazing things that our body can do. How could you  NOT gain confidence in yourself when you can do crazy tricks that others are in awe of? And I’m not trying to boast that I’m amazing because I can do something that other’s can’t – because eventually, everybody is capable of exactly what I’m doing. I have no dance, gymnastics, or fitness background at all!SO anyways – the reason for this blog stems from a tradeshow that I did this weekend.