Aradia Fitness Edmonton

Who are we?

We genuinely believe it is our team that makes us the best. They are all trained, certified, and insured to teach a refined, thoroughly researched, and proven curriculum.

All the Aradia Fitness Edmonton instructors have taken unique paths to get to where they are today. A few have dance or fitness backgrounds and, for some, pole and aerial was their first entry into physical activity and sport. What brings us all together is our love for the apparatus, the drive to continue learning, and the willingness and capability to share our knowledge and skills.

Our experiences over the years are part of what makes your journey with each of us special and uniquely yours. Our current students agree the team knows how to challenge them in positive and encouraging ways. Every instructor gets to know all their students, providing support, and empowering each person coming through our doors.

We invite you to challenge yourself and try a class at Aradia Fitness Edmonton. Each experience with us is designed to have you feeling strong, fit, and confident as you progress through your pole and aerial journey with us.


Owner & Pole Instructor

Welcome to Aradia FItness, where I’ve been proudly at the helm for over 12 years. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, my mission extends beyond fitness, weaving mental wellbeing and community into the fabric of our studios.

For 15+ years, I’ve been a trailblazer in the industry, serving as the Western Canadian Master Pole Trainer for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. Pole Dancing, to me, is more than a workout; it’s a transformative journey that shifted my perspective on fitness. It taught me to celebrate my body’s capabilities.

As a Fibromyalgia warrior, I understand the unique challenges of embracing fitness. Beyond the studio, I’m a proud mom to an amazing daughter and happily married to my business partner, Jud Beasley. Join us on this empowering journey where fitness meets mental wellness, and where community flourishes.