Welcome to Aradia Fitness Edmonton

Aradia Fitness offers alternative fitness classes in a fun, safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment where we are all different ages, sizes, and abilities. 

Aradia Fitness is not just about pole dancing, and it never will be. It is about a community of individuals that are growing in strength, confidence and empowering each other to reach goals in their lives that they thought were unattainable. 

We have five incredible locations to serve you best: Whyte Ave, Kingsway, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Leduc. 

Aradia Fitness Edmonton: Vision, Mission & Values

Problem: Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

Why do we believe this is the case? We believe this is the case because exercise has typically been viewed as a chore – as something that has to be done for our health, but not necessarily something we want to do for fun. 
Mission: To help adults find the fun in fitness again with aerial, pole, or dance related activities. 

-Our goal is to provide you with a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment to challenge yourself beyond your perceived physical limits
-Ongoing and continuous training for our instructors to ensure they are providing the best class possible by staying on top of pole fitness trends and education
-Work to understand the goals of our students and work towards those goals in these main areas: Strength, Fitness, Confidence, Sensuality, Empowerment, Performance
-Understanding that not all students are at Aradia for the same reasons. Some students may be interested in one aspect of pole, aerial, or dance, and we understand that it is not a one size fits all journey
-Continuously learn, develop talent, and promote students and instructors from within Aradia
-Balance professionalism, humor, empathy, rapport, and enthusiasm
-Our team will be completely present with you during your session, focusing only at the class on hand as their primary concern
-Celebrating your wins, and consistent encouragement through the struggles
-Effective communication and response through e-mail, facebook, or phone
-Picking you up again when you feel you’ve been knocked down
-Providing safe and effective class structure, with proper spotting technique and coaching
-Ongoing workshop opportunities from top instructors and outside contractors
-Community collaboration with other fitness industries and charity organizations
-To provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment to all of our members regardless of gender or sexual orientation

Our Why:

There isn’t a month that goes by in which we don’t receive an e-mail that says “Thank-you. Aradia has changed my life.”

These e-mails are filled with various reasons as to why Aradia has made a positive impact in their life – whether it comes from gaining confidence and loving their bodies for what their bodies are capable of, or to building strength and attaining their fitness goals. This is our why.

Coming from the owner, my why has a lot to do with the confidence that pole fitness gave me. Growing up, I went to the gym primarily to burn as many calories as what I had for supper that evening, while making scary attempts to change how my body looked. Diets, fad exercise regimes, and self-harm were all a part of the vicious cycle of self-hatred. Stepping into my first pole class was scary – I wore long pants and a baggy t-shirt, and avoided eye contact with all other participants in the room. I couldn’t help but think “What on earth am I doing here? I’m not sexy, I’m not graceful, and I’m certainly not coordinated. This will be awful!” While moving through the exercises with the lead instructor, all I could think was “wow, they look so confident. I can only hope to move with such grace and confidence one day.”

Pole fitness was the first class that I had ever taken in which I wasn’t constantly looking at the clock wondering when class will be over. I had sore muscles the next day, and yet it didn’t even seem like I had been working out – it was so much fun! Could exercise actually be fun?

I continued to show up week after week, and I would come early to watch the class before me, in a higher level, watching as they moved up and down the pole with ease, inverting into the coolest calisthenic tricks I had ever seen. I thought to myself “wow, if I ever learned how to do that, I would be so proud.” And I did. 

And that’s when my mind set changed from trying to change how my body looked, to working hard to attain amazing tricks and feats of strength I never imagined my body would be capable of. And that’s where it all changed – I learned to love my body for the things it can do, as opposed to how my body looks.

I felt empowered, strong, and confident. Since learning of the things my body is capable of through pole fitness, I have viewed life in a different lens. Every challenge that comes my way, I say “I’m going for it. I can do it.” I no longer talk myself out of it, or knock myself down. I am strong, fit, and confident.

That is our why, and we hope it becomes your why as well. 

Why Choose Aradia Fitness?

  1. Aradia Fitness has been in Edmonton for 15 years! We are the longest running Alternative Fitness studio in Edmonton, and we continue to grow in excellence
  2. We are the largest Alternative Fitness studio in all of Edmonton. Not only do we have FIVE locations, but we actually have SEVEN studios, as our Whyte Ave and Kingsway locations have two studios that are able to offer dance and aerial classes. With a membership at Aradia, you are able to access all seven studios, meaning we have the most classes to choose from at any given time in the city
  3. You may not think you want to access all of those locations, as you might be closest to one, but with pole and aerial fitness you will come to find that there are various niche’s within the aerial world – and you may be interested in exploring a certain technique/genre of pole fitness. This means, if you find an instructor or a genre of pole that caters to your likes, you may be very willing to travel to that location to find your most suitable instructed genre/area of interest.
  4. We have 60 instructors between pole, dance, and aerial to choose from. Each instructor has their own area of expertise, and learning from a wide range of instructors gives you the best opportunity and advantage as a student!
  5. By being a part of Aradia Fitness, you are taking part in an even larger cause. Did you know that we have our own charity? For more information please visit www.aradiantgoddess.com
  6. Each year we provide students an opportunity to perform in Edmonton’s largest Alternative Fitness Showcase! This is a theatre venue opportunity, and our tickets always sell out to large audiences! We also do many smaller showcases and competitions within our studio throughout the year as well.
  7. We provide the best training to our instructors. The owner of Aradia Fitness is the Western Canadian Master Pole Fitness Trainer with the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. Aradia Fitness also has an in-house trainer that provides ongoing training opportunities for new and current instructors. 
  8. Our studios offer a huge variety of classes ranging from pole fitness, aerial hoop, aerial yoga, aerial cube, dancing in heels, twerk, bootcamps, HIIT, flexibility training, choreography classes, belly dancing, burlesque, floorwork flow, and more. 
  9. Our membership rates are competitive with each fitness boutique in the city – however, we guarantee you most variety.
  10. Our group fitness class sizes are small
  11. We have the most incredible community in the city. Our #AradiaFamily is like no other fitness family, and we hope you join in on the fun as well! 

Our Studio

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