Pole Dancing and Children?!? Yes, you read that right – you probably never would have thought you’d hear those two words in the same sentence! But that’s okay, I’m not here to talk about children’s pole classes (that’s another discussion in itself). Instead, I would like to discuss the views that children might hold when they learn that their parents are involved in a pole class.

Now step into the mind of a pole dancing parent – we are grateful to have finally found a fitness class that is fun and exciting. We’ve learned to step out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, and embrace our newly-found confidence!
(I should quickly mention that I myself am not a parent, but I will discuss this in a moment)

That’s what this blog post is all about, and I’d like to help you – the general public, see it for what it really is. Nobody is learning pole fitness in some shady night-club backroom with dim lighting, and enough fog to make it smell like a laser-tag course. In fact, we are a gym that has vertical gymnastics bars (that’s what kids really think!), with kettle bells, resistance bands, step climbers, and mirrors!

I recall a few years ago having a sit-down discussion with a young-adult pastor at my church. We discussed my new embankment on becoming a business owner – and that of a pole dancing franchise. He said “Sweet, when can my wife sign up?” It was awesome to see his understanding of the sport, but his wife didn’t seem to keen. In fact, she said “Aren’t you worried about what your future children will think?” At the time, I didn’t fully have a response for her, as kids weren’t on my mind at all. But today, here is my response.

Yes of course I care what my future children will think! What parent doesn’t? I care that they think of me as a caring, loving mother. A woman that is strong, independent, smart, and funny. A woman that holds good relationships, understands responsibility, and exudes confidence. Because if I’m a mother that has all those qualities, then hopefully they will be passed down to benefit my children as well. And this is exactly what pole fitness has given me, and has created an excitement to raise my future children.

Understandably,  I’m a bit older now, so clearly it takes time to find your place in the world. As was my issue throughout adolescence and young adulthood, but I never quite felt like I knew where I was going. I had goals and ambitions to help others, but I had yet to feel like the strong, confident woman that I am now. I am thankful that pole fitness has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my body with things that I never deemed possible for myself, fall – and learn to pick myself up again.

So yes, when I have children, I will be glad if they want to come see mommy teach one of her pole dancing classes. They will see me:
1. leading a group of women that are working towards the same goals
2. creating fun working relationships
3.  fall down and pick myself up again
4. attempt things that won’t work right away, but we try again anyway.
5. encourage other people in my class, because we want everybody to succeed
6. share my knowledge and skills with other people
7. make time for myself to do something that I enjoy
8. appreciate my body, and take time for fitness

The list could indefinitely go on, and on. I have also been inspired to write this blog from some of the lovely moms that bring their children to our pole classes. I have taken note that these children are attentive as to what their mom is participating in, and they love every second of it. There was this little 4 year old girl in my class that said “Chantelle! Look, my mom just went upsidown!!” She was so proud of her mom, and excited to see her achieving something new. (She even encourages the other ladies in class when they’re practicing their upsidown skills too!) The little girl has the advantage of seeing her mom take some time for herself, get involved with fitness, learn a new skill, and attempt to try and conquer new things!

So tell me now if you see anything wrong with this picture? I certainly don’t!