Looking to motivate yourself to get your butt off the couch, quit binge watching Orange Is The New Black, and get yourself to the gym?
You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to tell you how, in ONE simple step! Are you ready for it? It’s pretty groundbreaking. Here we go….

1. Don’t

“Don’t what? Don’t motivate myself to go to the gym?”

Yup, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Why are you doing something you hate? Life is too short to drag your butt to the gym, and hate about 90% of the 90 minutes that you’re there. And if you’re socially awkward like I am, trying to wait for a specific machine (because let’s face it, we really only know how to use a few of them), can be quite nerve-wracking. And I think I know how to lift, but WHY do I feel like people are still judging my lifts? Maybe they’re not. Maybe it’s all in my head. Ahhh, stop looking at me!

Anyway, I’m not trying to write a blog about my own personal dislike towards the gym. There’s a lot of people who thrive on gym life, and they kill it out there! But there’s also a lot of people who don’t, and that’s okay!

So let’s break this down.

Why are you wanting to go to the gym in the first place?
Is it because any of the following?
a) Because according to Body Break, staying active is very important. It’s been ingrained into my mind from a young age! 

Well, they’re not wrong. Being physically active is absolutely very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle! But did you know, that you can find forms of physical fitness activities that you actually enjoy? I mean, obviously we’re biased here at Aradia, and we think that Pole Dancing is bucket loads of fun, but there’s also plenty of other fitness boutiques in the city that offer a fun range of classes from: cycling, aerial silks, yoga, fighting, boxing, zumba, pound fitness, parkour… the list goes ON

b) Because I’m trying to change the way my body physically looks in the mirror

Okay, so I’m not saying there’s anything necessarily wrong with this if that’s what you feel like doing… Just be aware that it might not be motivation enough to keep you going to the gym. Especially if you’re anything like me, and you expect to see change within 2 gym days (LOL I know this is impossible folks, don’t judge me), you lose motivation to keep it up, and fast.

But what if there was a workout in which you weren’t focusing on that anymore? But instead, you were focusing on nailing a REALLY COOL pole dancing trick that you NEVER thought you were capable of doing? Once again I might be biased, but the rush of THAT is far greater than seeing the scale drop a pound or two.

So that’s it, that’s all folks. If you’re looking to make a change, you have the power to do it. If the gym isn’t a good fit for you, you’re in luck. The city of YEG has so many incredible fitness classes. In addition, one more personal perk that these studios offer, is a sense of community and belonging. If you’re feeling lost in the gym, I can relate. Attending a studio boutique that offers small classes gives you a much better opportunity and chance at building friendships, connections, and mutual interests.
And hopefully, they can also motivate you to keep you on track 😉