I know.. it doesn’t even make sense reading that title. How does one fall out of love with pole?! It is crazy, but the reality is that it happens, and it could happen to you. But that is OKAY!

The things we forget about Pole is that its not about how long you do it, or how much you invest into it. Its how much it contributes to your overall wellbeing. Pole like any other sport, or hobby, or interest, takes a lot of time! A lot of commitment. A lot of love needed to grow the relationship.

It requires effort. Effort is not easy. If you love it, it is; but what happens when you start to not feel the love anymore? When going to class feels like a chore instead of enjoyment? It happens and it is normal!

There is no unwritten rule that you must stay in pole for the rest of you life! If you are feeling like pole isn’t what it used to be, then there is no harm in stepping back. Sometimes all you need is a break. Its hard to step away from something that once brought you so much joy, but its hard to constantly be involved with it when you are no longer feeling the same way.

Speaking from personal experience, I was obsessed with pole for the first 2 years as a student & the first 2 years I was teaching. I loved sharing my love for pole with everyone I could. I bought my own pole, I was creating my own classes, I was teaching nearly 5 days a week. It was my LIFE. But after some time, the craziness of it all started to ware down on me. I started to feel pressured and unmotivated. I felt like my classes were not progressing and we were just always going over the same concepts. I could no longer take classes for myself and I felt I had nothing new to offer my students. I was not feeling the love I once had for pole. And yes, it was showing in my instructing. Now of course there is no way just Pole had all these effects on me. We need to still recognize that I had a life outside of pole too. A family. Job. Responsibilities. Stress.

I think most people forget that as well. That pole is NOT your whole life. There are other factors that can contribute to unhappiness & can effect you in lots of different areas in your life. Pole being one of them. Its completely possible to no longer be in love with pole!

I know it can feel wrong to think that something that once brought you so much joy could now making you unhappy. I know there may be a lot of denial to that statement. It is a hard concept to grasp and may take some time to wrap your head around.


But if you think that pole is the problem, let me repeat again; THAT. IS. OKAY. Its not taboo, its not wrong, it is completely normal! If you are not loving this anymore, take a step back! Maybe life will be better off without it. Maybe you were only meant to experience pole for that time frame in your life & that was enough. Maybe you will notice a change once you cut down your pole schedule so much. Maybe you will see how helpful a break was and you cannot wait to get back to it! Maybe it has nothing to do with Pole! But maybe just even reading this will help. No matter what happens, it is okay. I promise the pole community will not hold it against you if you leave. If you decide to go & come back, you know we are a loving community that will welcome you back with open arms!





  • Written by Asher Moorji (instructor & admin assistant)