What makes Aradia one of the most unique fitness boutiques in Edmonton? 

Alternative Fitness Classes
At Aradia, we believe that fitness should be fun! All of the classes offered at Aradia are designed to not only give you an incredible workout, but most importantly – one that you enjoy. This won’t be a class in which you’re looking at the clock constantly wondering “how many minutes left until this is over?” You’ll probably be wishing they were actually longer than 60 minutes! At Aradia, we believe there’s nothing better than waking up sore in the morning, without having realized you even worked out!

Our Classes include: Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Strength/Flexibility, Pole Choreography classes (flow,sexy,lyrical), Bootcamps, Dancing in Heels, Hip-Hop, Bellydancing, Pound Fitness, and MORE

Small Class Sizes
Aradia Fitness offers small class sizes! Safety is our #1 priority at Aradia, and we want to ensure that students are well looked after in our small classes. Make sure to book online in order to get your spot!

Four Studio Locations (Whyte Ave, Kingsway, Sherwood Park, St. Albert)
Aradia Fitness is THE only pole dancing studio in Edmonton that has more than one location. Why is this important?
1. We have four studios! (Kingsway has two rooms, so that basically makes 5 studios!). This means that we can offer 5 times the amount of class options that any other studio is able to offer, at the same price.
2. We have 40+ instructors at Aradia. This is incredibly important, as you will be given the opportunity to learn from a plethora of skilled instructors who specialize in their own area of interest on the pole. For example, if you’re interested in lyrical or competitive pole, you will most likely suit an instructor who is also lyrical and also possibly a competitor. It’s GREAT to try as many different styles of pole as you can, so that you can get a well-rounded education in the art of pole. Therefore, by taking many different classes with many different instructors, you are being offered the most diverse instruction in the city of Edmonton.
3. The most classes in the city! You can make Aradia your main gym!

Performance Opportunities
Each year we host our annual showcase in October. You can either choose to participate in this showcase by joining a troupe, and performing in a professional theatre setting with professional pole rigging – or just come relax, watch the show, and enjoy our afterparty! This annual showcase is a highly sought after event, which sells out year after year! We also have mini showcase events at our studio as well!

Special Events
Community is incredibly important to us at Aradia Fitness. We don’t want this to just be a place to sweat it out – we want you to be a part of our #AradiaFamily
This is why Aradia Fitness has hired Special Events coordinators, whom host events simply because we love our students! We have hosted mini showcases, halloween parties, glow pole dance parties, evenings’ and field trips outside of the studio, pole at the lake, and so much more! Follow us on facebook to keep up with all of our incredible events!

Quality Control
Aradia Fitness strives to ensure that our classes are top of the line in quality. We provide our instructors with ample training throughout the year by one of the most well-certified, longest-instructing Pole Fitness instructor in Edmonton (Rachelle B). Rachelle is also our quality control inspector who you might see pop in to a class or two in order to perform an assessment on all of our instructors!

Giving Back To The Community
We are SO excited about this next one! In 2018, Aradia Fitness will be launching their “A Radiant Goddess” charity (check it out on facebook!)

Proceeds from ALL classes, memberships, and parties will be going towards this charity.
This charity will be working to send 2-3 girls per month to an 8-week intensive workshop with a professional psychologist at “Evolution Psychology” about positive body image, building health relationships, and healthy self-esteem. At Aradia, we’ve helped so many people to find confidence within themselves again.

“Welcome to the #AradiaFamily

You are here because you made the decision to step outside your comfort zone. That is something that not many people will do – but you did it.

There will be days where you might be frustrated with your journey, and there will be days where you will nail a trick, and feel incredibly proud of yourself.
There will be days where you feel tired, defeated, and wish you stayed home, and there will be days where you feel empowered, fearless, and unstoppable.

Whatever day you’re having, we’re here for you, because we’re a family. We’re here to show you that your body is strong and beautiful, regardless of your age, race, gender, or size because in our family, we believe that we that we have a secret that the outside world doesn’t know about. Some might only see the stigma, but we see so much more.

We see grace, athleticism, sensuality, and body positivity. We see you, not only for the hats you wear, but the person you are and the journey you’re on.

You are an absolute rockstar!
We’re glad we found you. Enjoy your pole journey, for it is yours and nobody else’s.”