I used to be afraid of Sexy. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Sex and sensuality were topics never discussed with my family. Being part of a conservative Christian home, all I knew about sex was that it was only meant for husband and wives – and that it would hurt. Yes – that was the extent of my birds and the bees talk! Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Seemed to me that it was a submissive act for ones’ husband, and it was up to me to explore the rest.

I can’t quite recall my intrigue into pole dancing. I remember seeing a Toronto Pole studio being interviewed by a VJ on MTV, and I thought “wow, that looks like so much fun!”
I have no idea if I was intrigued by the sexy aspect, the strength, or simply knew that I needed exercise but unfortunately hated conventional gyms.

Just barely 18, I registered for my first Pole Dancing class at Aradia Fitness – the Jasper Ave location. I remember being asked to walk in a circle, and wander your hands.
Avoiding all eye contact possible, I couldn’t help but think “what on EARTH am I doing here? This has got to be the worst idea I’ve ever had.”
Thankfully the pole portion of the class was as much of a blast as I thought it would be, but man – that sexy stuff had to go!
After being hooked on the pole fitness craze, and opening up my own studio, I continued on the war against sexuality being a part of what we represented.

Nope. Nothing sexual going on over here. This is fitness ONLY. Push-ups, sit ups, grunting, sweating, and strength moves only! Pole dancing art was a part of the circus before it ever came to the strip clubs, don’t ya know?!

These are the things I argued with anyone who dared to make a “must be a class for strippers” comparison. You know what I found along the way all while doing this? Our students were desperately craving and missing the sexy side! And I can’t vouch for all of them, but a vast majority needed it in their lives. Whether we realize it or not, sexuality manifests in our lives all day long – playing critical roles in our desires, beliefs, attitudes, responsibilities, relationships, and the list goes on!

As women, we are so often taught that sexuality is a mans world. Men have more libido than women, men want it more often, men enjoy it more – and the list of lies continue. In some cases, women are shamed into believing that by expressing their sexuality, they are in fact being slutty, promiscuous temptresses. Well ladies and gentlemen, Aradia is now here to say NO MORE to that bullcrap, as we shout our slogan over the rooftops “Meet Your Sexy Side.”

Do it. Why? Because it feels good, and it’s good for you. You want to start holding your head high? Looking people in the eye? Walking into a room with confidence?
Learn to dance in a pair of 8 inch stilettos, and I promise you, you’ll get all of that and more. You will discover a peace within yourself that you may not have known you ever lost.

I write this piece, because my heart cries for the women who walk by my booth at tradeshows, powerfully exclaiming “ugh, I could never do that.”
They’re not talking about physically being unable – they’re talking about their sexuality. They’re denying themselves the right to feel like the sexual, empowered, lioness goddesses that they could be.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Meet Your Sexy Side.