What does one wear to a Pole Dancing class anyway?!

We get asked this question quite often! And you’d be surprised, the answer is pretty easy – comfortable clothing that you can move around in! However, as you move up the levels, clothing requirements tend to become a little different.

Pole 101/Beginner
In Pole 101/Beginner classes, almost any type of comfortable clothing will be just fine! There is no skin on pole contact required for grip, so you won’t need to whip out the booty shorts just yet. (Which can be quite a relief to those of us who aren’t used to working out in short shorts!)
Sometimes, we actually have students comment on how they prefer to start with long pants. Certain spins will require your ankle, or other portion of your leg meeting the pole.
This “rubbing” feeling from the pole isn’t the most comfortable, so therefore, pants can be a nice barrier for many spins that rub on different parts of your legs!

Intermediate and Beyond!
This is where the booty shorts come into play! As we start going upsidown, it becomes extremely important to have as much skin contact from the legs as possible! Furthermore, when you are learning various leg hangs, other parts of your body will require skin contact as well.
For instance, you might find your instructor starting to ask you to lift your shirt up so that the sides of your torso are in direct contact with the pole.

Eventually, booty shorts and a sports bra are the way to go!
The more comfortable pole fitness starts making you feel about your body, the less clothing you will enjoy working out in!
Skin contact is the most important thing you’ll need when your life is depending on the grip of your skin!