Meet our Instructors!



Hello! My name is Chantelle Beasley – owner and operator of Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park and Edmonton! My passion for pole fitness started in 2011, upon the deployment of my fiance – now husband, to Afghanistan. I wanted to try something new to pass the time, and pole fitness had me hooked! I am not a fan of the gym, or typical workout classes. Pole fitness finally didn’t feel like working out, and I didn’t make excuses to go to classes! My confidence and self-esteem has improved, along with my core and upper body strength. I am thankful for my incredible team of instructors that help make Aradia what it is today! Everybody has their own strengths and talents, and we are so lucky to be able to provide our students with a plethora of experience and skills! Other fun facts! I enjoy CrossFit and Circus Arts. I am quite the homebody with my husband and fur babies. I also study Social Work part time at Grant MacEwan University! -XPERT Pole Certified


Aradia Assistant/Edmonton&Leduc Manager/Instructor

Asher is our Aradia Assistant, Edmonton & Leduc Studio Manager &  Instructor! You can contact her for anything regarding Aradia & studios.

She has been pole dancing for nearly 5 years, and teaching for 4 of those. Her passions are lap dance, contortion, yoga, pole and anything that involves dancing. Her favourite move is called Satellite (as posted in her picture!).

Outside of Aradia, Asher is a full time mom to 2 beautiful human babies & 2 fur babies.

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Pole Dance Instructor

Tina has been Pole Dancing since 2007! She is one of our lead instructors, focusing on strength and difficult tricks in her Masters Series classes. After 13 years of Taekwando Martial Arts and a 2nd Dan Blackbelt, she felt that she wanted to try something new – and found her niche with pole fitness! her favourite trick is the Iron-X. Other hobbies include Golf, Tennis, and more Golf! She is also an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist & Certified Hand Therapist!

Jen L

Pole Dance Instructor

Teryn W

Pole Dance Instructor

Teryn has been doing pole for 9 years and teaching for 7 years. Once she got into pole she was hooked and now also teaches Hoop, Handstand classes and HIIT. Her  favourite move is anything strength related, yes caterpillar climbs are her jam! Outside of pole, Teryn is a registered Veterinary Technician and a Spin Instructor & enjoys camping and spending time with my husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs.


Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga, and Aerial Hoop Instructor

Lisa started pole dancing in March 2013 at the Jasper Ave location, and began teaching in November 2014 at the Kingsway studio. Coming from a dance background as a teen, becoming an instructor was literally a dream come true. She loves teaching parties, privates, workshops, and Pole 101 through to the Expert level, but teaching choreography in Pole Flow and Sexy Flow holds a special place in her heart. She also teaches aerial yoga and aerial hoop, and holds her certification in Aircat Aerial Yoga L1, CPFA Aerial Hoop, and is currently obtaining her NCCP Level 1. Sexy style is her favorite style, but also enjoys dynamic combos and lyrical flows. Her favorite pole moves include jade split, sleeping beauty, ayesha, and backwards spin.
Once upon a time Lisa was a carpenter’s apprentice, and hopes to eventually complete her Red Seal – in the meantime when not in the studio she can be found slowly plucking away at her B.A. in psychology and B.Ed., and teaching swimming lessons for Strathcona County through EHLC and KLC. Outside of pole, she loves video games, salsa dancing, longboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and cuddling with her two cats.
Lisa loves the fitness and the community that pole facilitates, and tries her darnedest to make her classes laugh while working out.


Pole Dance Instructor

Charlie fell in love with pole fitness as soon as she started in the spring of 2013. She was trying to find something to keep her active that she really enjoyed and she found it at Aradia Fitness. Right now her favorite tricks include Twisted Grip Pencil and Archer. She is excited to work more on the spin pole and would love to compete someday. For now she is in her third year at the University of Alberta getting adegree in Theatre Design and working side gigs as a Theatre Technician.


Pole Dance Instructor and Aradia Fitness Master Trainer

Whitney started her pole journey in 2014.  She is the the master trainer for Aradia Fitness Edmonton and teaches some of our highest levels of pole fitness.  She has judged local and national pole competitions.  Whitney has competed in pole competitions herself such as CFPC Nationals 2017 and Pole Theatre 2018. She loves to work on strength and flexibility tricks on the pole.  Outside of pole, Whitney attends NAIT for Personal Fitness Training, owns her own all encompassing fitness business, volunteers in her community and spends time with her puppies.  You can find Whitney on Instagram @whitney_cox100

Jenelle R

Pole Dance and Aerial Yoga Instructor

Jenelle did not realize how much Aradia would change her life when she walked into her first Pole 101 class in December of 2014. She struggled when it came to working out and going to the gym. She found herself in a negative headspace when it came to her body image. After about a year of taking classes, she gained her confidence back and her body has never felt stronger. It’s a beautiful thing to appreciate what your body can do for you rather than pick apart the way it looks. She was hired to teach pole fitness in January of 2017 and loves being apart of such a fantastic team and community! She looks forward to building muscle and strength with her students each week while helping them progress in their own pole journey! She hopes to break stereotypes and show that pole fitness can be for everyone! When Jenelle is not in the studio, you can find her planning her next big trip, sneaking away on a plane somewhere, to work toward her goal of visiting every single country in the world! 42 countries down, 153 to go!


Pole Dance Instructor

Rhiannon has been pole dancing with Aradia for just over two years. After auditioning for a burlesque troupe and being told she would benefit from dance lessons, she went to find exactly that! She tried beginner adult ballet, but her adult knees were not happy with that. Soon after, a friend asked if she would take pole classes with her, and she’s still there to this day! Funny enough, outside of pole, Rhiannon is a burlesque dancer – so I guess the dance classes really paid off! The strength and agility she has gained from all the tricks is still mind blowing to her, but she has really fallen in love with the exotic dance aspect of pole. Heel clacks and floor work are her jam! Rhiannon is super excited to be a part of the Aradia team so that she can spread her new found love of fitness and dance

Amanda N

Pole Dance Instructor

Amanda first started pole dancing in November of 2015 as a way to work her upper body and core without going to a gym and quickly fell in love with the many different aspects of the sport.  What started as a once a week hobby turned into a passion that has taken her to different competitions and performances.  She loves anything to do with Rock n Roll which is often portrayed in her performances.  Other than pole, Amanda enjoys Aerial Hoop, reading, swimming, live music festivals and anything that will get her outside and active.  Amanda loves that pole fitness is for everyone and wants to help students feel empowered and strong while having a great time.


Party Instructor

Kelly has been a student at Aradia since April 2016, and started teaching pole parties December 2018. She also enjoys practicing acro yoga, reading books, and trying out different ways to workout that don’t involve a gym. Kelly’s muggle job is teaching high school English.


Dancing in Heels and Jazz Funk Instructor

Meagan Cameron is a professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor currently working in the Edmonton and surrounding area.
With 20 years of experience in dance; she has trained and studied in Ballet (ISTD & RAD), Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Irish, Tap, Heels and more. She has trained with Megan Lawson, Luther Brown (form So You Think You Can Dance) Christopher “Lil C” Toler (from So You Think You Can Dance), Colt Prattes (P!ink’s principle dancer in her music video ‘Try’), Brinn Nicole, Jo Jo Gomez, Yanis Marshall, Galen Hooks and many more.
She has attended many training events, industry seminars, workshops, intensives and conferences, in both Canada and the United States.
Currently, Meagan is a part of a company called Rhythm FX Entertainment, and dances and models professionally with them. With that company, she has travelled to perform as a Dancer and Showgirl. She has danced for Chasing Summer Music Festival performing alongside world-renowned, big-name DJ’s, including Loud Luxury.
She has won numerous Choreography awards (both student and professional), her students have won many awards and scholarships, and made it to finals in many competitions and festivals.
On her spare time, she enjoys travelling and playing with her dog.


Pole Dance Instructor

Hannah started pole dancing with Aradia in 2016. She danced competitively for 11 years, and was looking for a new creative outlet and Aradia stole her heart at the first front hook spin.

She became an instructor in fall 2017, because she saw so much love and support within Aradia and wanted to help build our amazing community. She teaches pole, as well contemporary and exotic flows.
Outside of pole Hannah cares for tiny humans as a Registered Nurse in the NICU. Her favorite pole move is Ayesha, and she enjoys visiting new countries and eating all the food.


Party Instructor

Daria has been teaching parties for 4 years. Her favourite move is the diamond spin. Outside of pole, Daria is a Sales Coordinator and enjoys baking and spending time with family and friends.

Chantel M

Pole Dance Instructor

Chantel has been teaching pole, exotic flow and hip hop classes at Aradia since the end of 2017. Her favourite pole move is laybacks and she also loves floorwork. Outside of pole, Chantel works in mental health and disabilities and enjoys nature, road trips and spending time with her friends.


Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance Instructor

Roberta is currently one of our hoop instructors. Growing up in Edmonton, she was always very shy and introverted and never felt much of a sense of belonging with anyone outside of her virtual worlds. Finally getting up the courage to try pole fitness with Aradia in 2016, Roberta at last found a community she could belong to. She tried aerial hoop soon after, which she immediately developed a love and affinity for. Outside of the studio Roberta also trains in aerial silks at Firefly Circus Academy, is currently working on her CPFA pole and Spin City aerial sling certifications, and travels as much as she can. However, she still likes to think of herself as a huge dork – catching pokemon, playing dungeons and dragons, and just never taking herself too seriously.

Beau Creep

Burlesque Instructor

Brennan Doucet / Beau Creep is an Edmonton-based, interdisciplinary performance artist, host and producer. He has garnered international attention; appearing on stages across Canada, USA, and Europe as well as received numerous awards for his eccentric, over-the-top stage acts. He firmly believes that he would’ve run away to join the circus had he not been too busy being raised by drag queens and showgirls but his worlds were meant to collide and he has become his own fabulous three-ring spectacle. Credits include being on the Edmonton Burlesque Festival Board of Directors, Founder and Artistic Director of All Tease All Shade A Queer Cabaret, Member and Costume designer for Alberta’s premiere boylesque/dance troupe, Man Up!, and producer of numerous other Edmonton based events.


Aerial Hoop and Party Instructor

Christa has been doing aerial hoop for two years and pole for 6 years. Currently, her favorite move is the candlestick split.
Outside of Aradia, Christa enjoys being in the kitchen and taking care of her family. She is passionate about her fitness and loves to spend time outdoors.


Party Instructor

Cassie has been doing parties for 6 months. Her favourite move is remy layback. Outside of pole, Cassie is a EMT student & enjoys  reading and movies.


Pole Dance, Yoga, and Dance Instructor

Alicia has been doing pole for 2.5 years and has a large background in dance and cheerleading. With her grand love of movement and expression, Alicia studied yoga in Bali last year to bring that love through Yin Yoga as well. Outside of pole, Alicia enjoys spin classes, hot yoga and playing music.


Belly Dancing Instructor

Kara has been bellydancing for 11 years. She specializes in tribal fusion bellydance, a contemporary style of bellydance but teaches traditional and standardized bellydance moves to Aradia students. Outside of pole, Kara is a HR Generalist and enjoys fire eating and dancing.

Lisa H

Pole Dance and Barre Instructor

Lisa started on pole 2 years ago in Costa Rica.  She started teaching pole classes January 2019.  Lisa is a group fitness and personal trainer outside of teaching pole and has been doing so for a few years.  Lisa has always been physically active and in her spare time she Ukrainian Dances and competes in fitness competitions. Lisa is a mother of two lovely boys!

Stephie L

Pole Dance and Dance Instructor

Stephanie joined the Aradia Fitness team in 2017 but has been coaching pole students since 2015.
Today, she focuses solely on teaching Exotic Pole Flows and Dance  – creating the Exotica project, a program that trains students on performance as a team in a raw, hard and quick paced Exotic Flow style as well as creating the very first Dance Program at Aradia Fitness for adults – The Aradia Movement Squad.
She’s also very much involved with providing promotional and media  content for Aradia Fitness and is the eyes behind most of the videos you see today.
When she’s not teaching – she’s working full time as a purchaser at a manufacturing facility.
To get to know Stephanie even more you can also visit her on instagram: @wynterdollie
Photo By: Aaron Kurmey.

Meghan Vale


Meghan has been pole dancing since 2016 and has been in love with it ever since! Since being hired on with Aradia, she has taken the CPFA beginner pole certification course and is working on the requirements to become a Canadian certified pole instructor. Teaching pole has been an absolute joy for Meghan as she gets to share her passion within the pole community and beyond. Handstands and backbends are among some her favorite things to do in pole class! Outside of the aerialist life, she is studying at MacEwan University to become a registered nurse, and spends most of her free time camping and hiking!

Jocelyn B.


Jocelyn started her pole journey at Aradia in 2014. Although she had to be convinced to take her first pole class, she fell in love with pole and has never looked back! She started teaching in 2017 and her favourite part of teaching is seeing her students achieve their goals. Jocelyn’s favourite pole moves are strength tricks like iguana planche. She uses her background in physics to help her learn and understand many pole moves! Outside of pole, Jocelyn enjoys golfing and tackling home renovation projects.

Melissa C.


Melissa is a aerial art addict. She has trained in aerial hoop and trapeze for 7 years. Along the way her focus went to performing aerial hoop, dance trapeze, handstand balancing, and fire spinning. She studied dance at Vimy Ridge Academy covering RAD and Cecchetti ballet as well as lyrical, Jazz, and Modern. Melissa has been certified in aerial hoop safety, theory, and technique by the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. She is also a Registered Massage Therapist graduating from Alberta College of Massage Therapy. Knowledge of musculature and physiology helps her teach students in an efficient and educational manner.
At Aradia Melissa’s focus is aerial hoop along with teaching handstand and flexibility classes. Her favourite moves on hoop are foot hangs and anything bendy.