Meet our Instructors!



Hello! My name is Chantelle Beasley – owner and operator of Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park and Edmonton! My passion for pole fitness started in 2011, upon the deployment of my fiance – now husband, to Afghanistan. I wanted to try something new to pass the time, and pole fitness had me hooked! I am not a fan of the gym, or typical workout classes. Pole fitness finally didn’t feel like working out, and I didn’t make excuses to go to classes! My confidence and self-esteem has improved, along with my core and upper body strength. I am thankful for my incredible team of instructors that help make Aradia what it is today! Everybody has their own strengths and talents, and we are so lucky to be able to provide our students with a plethora of experience and skills!

Other fun facts!
I enjoy CrossFit and Circus Arts. I am quite the homebody with my husband and fur babies. I also study Social Work part time at Grant MacEwan University!

-XPERT Pole Certified


Administrative Assistant/Instructor

Asher is our admin assistant as well as one of our instructors! She has been pole dancing for nearly 5 years, and teaching for 4 of those. Her passions are contortion, yoga, hoop, pole and anything that involves dancing! Her speciality is her Sexyflow classes where we wear heels & create mini routines in class.

Her favourite pole move is the satellite!



Tina has been Pole Dancing since 2007! She is one of our lead instructors, focusing on strength and difficult tricks in her Masters Series classes. After 13 years of Taekwando Martial Arts and a 2nd Dan Blackbelt, she felt that she wanted to try something new – and found her niche with pole fitness! her favourite trick is the Iron-X. Other hobbies include Golf, Tennis, and more Golf! She is also an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist & Certified Hand Therapist!

Jenna S


Jenna started pole dancing in 2013.  She started as a alternative day to her regular gym schedule and instantly fell in love with the constant learning and challenge pole created.  Jenna’s daytime job is a piping designer. She also enjoys travelling, snowboarding, wake surfing, and circus arts.  Jenna can regularly be found dropping into various Aradia classes as a student to continue to learn new things and observe other ways to teach moves, or sometimes just to have her butt kicked into better shape by a fellow instructor (which she finds very fun)!

Jenna is also a certified Fitness Instructor, a 200hr Yoga Instructor, Aerial Hoop Certified Instructor, and is CanFitPro Certified as well

Jen L


Teryn W






Lisa started pole dancing in March 2013 at the Jasper Ave location, and began teaching in November 2014 at the Kingsway studio. Coming from a dance background as a teen, becoming an instructor was literally a dream come true. She loves teaching parties, privates, workshops, and Pole 101 through to the Expert level, but teaching choreography in Pole Flow and Sexy Flow holds a special place in her heart. She also teaches aerial yoga and aerial hoop, and holds her certification in Aircat Aerial Yoga L1, CPFA Aerial Hoop, and is currently obtaining her NCCP Level 1. Sexy style is her favorite style, but also enjoys dynamic combos and lyrical flows. Her favorite pole moves include jade split, sleeping beauty, ayesha, and backwards spin.
Once upon a time Lisa was a carpenter’s apprentice, and hopes to eventually complete her Red Seal – in the meantime when not in the studio she can be found slowly plucking away at her B.A. in psychology and B.Ed., and teaching swimming lessons for Strathcona County through EHLC and KLC. Outside of pole, she loves video games, salsa dancing, longboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and cuddling with her two cats.
Lisa loves the fitness and the community that pole facilitates, and tries her darnedest to make her classes laugh while working out.



Rachelle first fell in love with pole fitness after she hesitantly took an intro class with a friend.  Fast forward 7 years and she is still just as crazy about it as she was when she took that first class.  Rachelle is a busy stay-at-home Mom to 3 young children and loves how Aradia has helped her to always be true to herself, no matter what.  Rachelle is Internationally Certified in Pole Fitness and is also a Fitness Instructor Specialist, a  MOC Barre Instructor and a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach.  She loves teaching it all… from parties where girls fall in love with pole, to higher level classes where she can challenge and push her students all while making them laugh and grow more confident with every class.  She loves to share her passion for pole fitness with the world, so come take a spin around a pole in one of her classes.

Rachelle is also our Instructor Trainer and Quality Control director!



Madelaine took her first pole dance class in 2010 and immediately knew she needed to learn more! As a lifelong dancer, she is fascinated by the new shapes and movements made possible when the pole is incorporated into dance. She became an instructor to share what she’s learned with others and loves the moments when students exceed their own expectations and discover something new. Madelaine is also a ballet and a 500-hour yoga instructor.



Charlie fell in love with pole fitness as soon as she started in the spring of 2013. She was trying to find something to keep her active that she really enjoyed and she found it at Aradia Fitness. Right now her favorite tricks include Twisted Grip Pencil and Archer. She is excited to work more on the spin pole and would love to compete someday. For now she is in her third year at the University of Alberta getting adegree in Theatre Design and working side gigs as a Theatre Technician.



Whitney first started her journey with Aradia in June 2014, and a year later she found herself in her first pole competition.  She enjoys working on strength tricks and anything to do with splits. When Whitney is not poling, she works for a telecommunications company as an area manager/dealer business manager. She also spends time training in circus arts, tai chi and relaxing at home with her four fur babies. Whitney strives to offer a positive, friendly and encouraging environment where students can develop their own pole journey and have fun while keeping fit.


Betty L


Betty began her pole fitness and aerial hoop journeys in New Brunswick. She began teaching in 2013 and joined the Aradia family in 2015 when she moved to Alberta. She is an avid pole fitness competitor and has been competing since 2012 in both the Semi-Pro and Pro Divisions. She won first place at the 2013 East Coast Pole Championships, and second-runner up at the CPFA 2016 Alberta Pole Championships. She is currently preparing to compete in the CFPA Nationals 2017- Semi-Pro Division.
Betty is passionate about pole fitness, aerial hoop, coffee, and cats. She comes from a Personal Training background. You can find her at the studio teaching Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop at all levels, Pound Fitness, and bootcamps.

Alyssa H


Alyssa started pole fitness as a way to change up her workout routine, and add some excitement to her everyday life. She currently is a Master’s student at the University of Alberta, and when she’s not on the pole, she’s working with archival documents at the UofA. Alyssa used to fence internationally before finding pole fitness, and holds her certification in both coaching and refereeing for fencing. Now she spends her time training for competitions and working on her flexibility. Her favourite move is the jade split and anything that challenges her strength.

Jenelle R


Jenelle did not realize how much Aradia would change her life when she walked into her first Pole 101 class in December of 2014. She had recently come back from a Europe trip, where she had gained 25 pounds that seemed to be impossible to get rid of. After about a year of taking classes, she had fully lost that weight, gained back her confidence and her body has never felt stronger.  She was hired to teach pole fitness in January of 2017 and absolutely loves being apart of such a fantastic team! She looks forward to building muscle and strength with her students each week while helping them progress in their own pole journey! She hopes to break stereotypes and show that pole fitness can be for everyone! Jenelle plays competitive fastball and basketball but pole fitness is by far her favourite way to work out!  Outside of pole, Jenelle is the assistant office manager at Stonewire Optometry, working as an optometric assistant. She is constantly planning her next big trip and finding time to sneak away to work toward her goal of visiting every single country in the world! 29 down, 196 to go!

Dasha Matusevich


I discovered pole dancing 7 years ago while I was living in Easter Europe. It is very popular there, so I decided to give it a try. My first impression was “It is harder than I thought!!!”

After my first class, my shoulder was hurting for a couple of days. I really wanted to be able to do an invert, so I started going more often to classes, and training hard. Once I could start doing some inversions, I realized I was hooked. While pole dancing, I prefer to work on tricks, strength, and flexibility.

I have been pole dancing for a while and realized that I had reached a level in which it’s hard to improve on your own. I needed a new challenge. Being able to share my passion with people who enjoy it as well excited me a lot, and makes me want to progress further and share my experience. It is hard to teach others, but seeing them progress is very rewarding.

Outside of pole dancing, I have a full time job, and I’m a full time student taking classes online and in the evenings.

I enjoy travelling, running, reading, boxing, art, and spending time with family and friends.



Outside of Aradia, I am an executive assistant to a Paediatric Neurologist at the University of Alberta. My hobby is of course pole dancing. Singing and dancing are both of my passions!

I have been pole dancing for two years as of November 2018. The type of pole dancing that resonates with me is exotic and lyrical. I am still learning and I am still trying to figure out who I am when I dance with the pole. Dancing is one thing, but incorporating pole into it is challenging for me. One step at a time is what I say to myself all the time. I will one day find myself in the Pole Flow world!

I started pole because I won a 3 month membership at Aradia Fitness. I had been curious about it for a few years, but never had the guts to do it. I entered this contest thinking I was not going to win, because I never win anything (lol), but this time I did win! I am so happy I won this contest because it made me realize pole is what my life was lacking.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. This is what I tell everyone, and I want to make everyone feel that they have potential that they can do this; whether it takes them months or years to accomplish one move, I am very proud to help them get there. Teaching is a very rewarding job. To see how students progress brings so much pride to my heart. Teaching comes very natural to me and I decided to go for it, why not?

Pole dancing is much more than what people think; it is hard work. No one knows how hard we have to work to be able to accomplish a single move or put choreography together. No one knows until they try it, then and only then they realize “holy crap, this is hard!” That’s when I crack a smile because they have now realized that pole is much more than what they have been told pole is. Pole fitness goes beyond what people think and believe, and the beautiful thing is that everyone can make their own; whether they want to be sexy, strong, sassy, lyrical, the doors are open and they can pick and choose what they want to be!

Strength doesn’t come easy, consistency is key in order to be great at this sport or any other sport for that matter. Strength is something humans build over time, it just doesn’t come naturally to women. We have to work hard and this is something I want people to understand prior to saying “I am not strong enough for this.” Understanding that everything takes time is important in every single sport or exercise you decide to do.



Rhiannon has been pole dancing with Aradia for just over two years. After auditioning for a burlesque troupe and being told she would benefit from dance lessons, she went to find exactly that! She tried beginner adult ballet, but her adult knees were not happy with that. Soon after, a friend asked if she would take pole classes with her, and she’s still there to this day! Funny enough, outside of pole, Rhiannon is a burlesque dancer – so I guess the dance classes really paid off! The strength and agility she has gained from all the tricks is still mind blowing to her, but she has really fallen in love with the exotic dance aspect of pole. Heel clacks and floor work are her jam! Rhiannon is super excited to be a part of the Aradia team so that she can spread her new found love of fitness and dance



Life outside of pole? There is no life outside of pole! haha Honestly, my life outside of pole is pretty average. I have a day job in public health and a fantastic group of friends and family that I like to spend time with when I’m not in the studio. I have a dog and a cat that I treat like my children. I have noticed that some people think pole dancers and aerialists must lead exciting lives full of sex, intrigue, or misdemeanor, but that is simply not true. In my experience most people who pole dance lead fairly “normal” lives (whatever that means) — they just like to hang upsidedown in their spare time 😀

Pole has changed my life in so many ways. I always wanted a strong, fit physique (who doesn’t, ammiright?) but I found conventional gym equipment kind of boring. It never inspired me and it always felt like a chore. Training aerials has been something completely different. I am never bored when I am in the studio and I am ALWAYS challenged physically. Now a days there are times I catch a glimpse in the
mirror and take notice of my legs, or my arms or my back and I see muscles that weren’t there before.

It’s a real confidence booster! Through pole, I have also found a community of people that are so supportive, kind, open-minded, accepting, inspiring, unique — it is so beautiful and very difficult to describe. I think my friend Kelly (also a fellow Aradian) put it best when she said “I would honestly let any one of you plan my future wedding at this point” hahaha and it is so true!

They say that most types of physical activity will help improve your mood (think “runners high”) but I think pole and aerials is extra special in this regard. I view pole and aerials as art. If I am agitated, I can put on some metal and dance out my frustrations; if I am sad, I can put on a slow jam and move through my feelings; if I am happy, I can put on a upbeat tune and spin around the pole until my arms fall off. In that way, pole is so cathartic – And I love it for that.

In pole and in hoop my favorite moves have to be anything involving pretty shapes, cool transitions or interesting move combos. I love working on stringing moves together and creating flow. Mostly, I think the simplest moves often look the most beautiful.
My fellow instructors and students are a major source of motivation and inspiration for me. We are all good at different things and it is inspiring to see what eachother can do. In regards to “celebs” in the poledance community a few of my current favorites are Daria Che, Olga Koda, Vera Kodini, Alyona Amber, Louise Wawrzynska, Sasha Meow, Michelle Mischka, Sonja Sloane, and Vika Poledance to name a few. Another major source of motivation for me in pole and aerials is the challenge it offers. Pole will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally, but it is the challenge that makes it great.

I would have to say that EVERYONE, no matter what your fitness level is currently, is good enough to
start pole. When I started pole I had zero upper body strength and I had never taken a dance or
gymnastics class in my life. I was awkward, and hopelessly inflexible. We all start somewhere, but trust
me – once you start, you will be amazed at where you end up!

Amanda N


Amanda first started pole dancing in November of 2015 as a way to work her upper body and core without going to a gym and quickly fell in love with the many different aspects of the sport.  What started as a once a week hobby turned into a passion that has taken her to different competitions and performances.  She loves anything to do with Rock n Roll which is often portrayed in her performances.  Other than pole, Amanda enjoys Aerial Hoop, reading, swimming, live music festivals and anything that will get her outside and active.  Amanda loves that pole fitness is for everyone and wants to help students feel empowered and strong while having a great time.