Jan '19


The Importance of Representation in the Pole Community

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Aradia: How long have you been Pole Dancing for? Pally: I have been pole dancing for about a few months shy of three years Aradia: What interested you in starting pole dancing? Pally: I had gained some weight due to a new medication that I was prescribed. The rapid weight gain was frustrating, and diet… Read more »

Aug '18


Meet our new instructors – and learn how to become an instructor yourself!

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Meet our new instructors, and also learn how to become a Pole instructor with Aradia Fitness! What does it take? What skills and qualities are we looking for? What is involved in the training process? Historically, we did something called “Instructor Try-Outs”. We required that students/applicants be in at least the Advanced level of pole… Read more »

Jul '18


A How To Guide on Motivating Yourself To Go To The Gym

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Looking to motivate yourself to get your butt off the couch, quit binge watching Orange Is The New Black, and get yourself to the gym? You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to tell you how, in ONE simple step! Are you ready for it? It’s pretty groundbreaking. Here we go…. 1. Don’t “Don’t… Read more »