May '19


Being A Single Pole Dancer In The Dating World

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I think the title here describes it all. Being a single pole dancer in the dating world is not easy. At least, I haven’t found it to be easy. Now let me be clear: I am NOT saying every single person I have met is like this, but a good fair few. Also, I don’t… Read more »

Mar '19


Is pole dance your passion, your fitness, or your job?

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Do you pole dance because it’s a passion of yours, do you do it because it’s a form of weekly physical activity for you, or is it your job (travelling pole star, pole fitness instructor, pole performer, etc).? Could it be all three? Yes absolutely! But let’s take a look at all three of these… Read more »

Jan '19


The Importance of Representation in the Pole Community

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Aradia: How long have you been Pole Dancing for? Pally: I have been pole dancing for about a few months shy of three years Aradia: What interested you in starting pole dancing? Pally: I had gained some weight due to a new medication that I was prescribed. The rapid weight gain was frustrating, and diet… Read more »