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Fit And Curvy with Charmaine Holan

Have you heard? We’re collaborating with holistic health and life coach Charmaine Holan! Click here to get tickets to our upcoming Intro To Pole Fit and Curvy happening on Saturday May 26th at 2:30pm-4:00pm at our Sherwood Park location!

Let’s meet Charmaine!

What is your faveourite song? Bangarang by Skrillex

What is your faveourite hobby/activity? Walks with my hubby and dogs. A close second is dancing my ass off.

If you were to win a million dollars, what’s the fist thing you would do/buy? Complete the funds needed for our fundraiser to build a school in rural Nepal and then book a 2 month Europe holiday with my family!

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush? There are too many to name!!! Jason Mamoa & Tom Hardy are always on the top of my list though

Tell us about Curvy Girl Health coaching! When did it start, and how did it start?
I think Curvy Girl Health Coaching has always been in the making and I just didn’t know it at the time, but officially started it July 2017 😉
I am a certified Holistic Health and Life Coach specializing in Confidence and Self-Worth. I empower women to claim out loud that they are ditching the diet mentally and loving themselves HEALTHILY as the curvy bad-ass-chicks that they are! I also offer my signature DESIGNER LIFE Workshop, that at its core, is an awakening of your soul’s story to honour who you are and who you are meant to be. With guidance, you learn how to Design Your Life with appreciation of the past, present, and future.

I know what it’s like to have dieting as “my hobby” and I took a stand on loving myself, deciding to break the cycle to truly heal myself inside and out, by looking at the bigger picture. My true why underneath the why. Helping others seems to be where my life keeps bringing me back to. I was the biggest tom boy growing up and rocket the sweetest mullet for years… trust, you would be jealous! I know the feeling of being that chubby, awkward, ugly duckling and I have something deep inside me of letting everyone see the true inner beauty that each of them possess. I’ve come to learn that I’m a healer and helper at heart and developed a business to honour that expression.

Why do you feel it is important to have a health coach that embraces the curvy lifestyle?
Curvy lifestyle = embracing who you are in this present moment so that you can love and hold to the highest version of yourself.  My style of Health Coaching allows you to feel comfortable in your skin. We work together to silence the negative voice in your head so that you can start to feel a solid sense of confidence in who you are by loving that woman staring back at you in the mirror! Once you start loving yourself as the magnificent person that you already are, any HEALTHY habit changes you make will be sustainable and done on an intuitive level which means that they will be successful.

Are there any misconceptions about what you do? What is the most common?
The biggest misconception is that HEALTH is only about what to eat and how to exercise. The “Health” in Curvy Girl Health Coach means Holistic Health which encompasses BODY. MIND. EMOTION. SPIRIT. I do not give you a diet or exercises to follow – instead we work together to clearly define the reason you want to reach a certain goal, find foods that give you energy, discover movement that you actually enjoy, create healthy habits that allow you to reach your goals, rewire perceptions that have stuck with you, define boundaries, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Who is your ideal client?
Any woman wanting to ditch the diet mentality and wants to start rocking ownership of their body and its absolute beauty.

Do you think that curvy people can pole dance?
HELLA YA! The cool part about having curves is that any movement is accentuated that much more!

let's talkWhat advice would you give to someone who is curvier and wants to try pole dancing, but is unsure because of their size?
Do it in-spite of the perception you have of yourself now! You’ll change that perception ASAP once you do your first spin

What advice do you give to people who hold back in life because they restrict themselves due to their size?
Health looks different on every body!!! Get out there and experience the life you want to live! Stand up and be an inspiration to someone in YOUR shoes.

If you had to choose one, what would you say is your life’s mantra?

I have 2.

“what the hell, let’s see where this takes me!”

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

Visit her website at:

Are You Neglecting Your Best Training Aid? Sleep!

Rest, recovery, and sleep are all overlooked topics in the common conversations surrounding training and physical fitness. More often than not we prioritize our diets and strict exercise schedules or goals while blindly overlooking your best training aid available, your SLEEP!

Sleep is an essential part of our health. According to the experts, An average adult (age 26-64) requires between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Although, sleep is not a one size fits all, efficient rest is obviously best. Some of the benefits of a full 7-9 hours include increased energy, heightened awareness, muscle repair and an overall increase in mood. When sleep is disrupted or cut short the body does not have enough time to complete all of the stages needed for body recovery, memory consolidation and the release of hormones regulating energy, growth, and appetite. When we sacrifice our sleep we can often find ourselves less prepared, less motivated, and less engaged in our priorities and activities.

Together with diet and training, sleep makes for a crucial component for our workouts, our physical recovery and future progress towards our goals.

Here are 8 quick tips for overall better quality sleep:

  1. Read, try yoga, stretching, or meditation before bed to help calm your mind and relax your body.
  2. Find an ideal pillow. Consider one with a 100% cotton cover (breathable percale weave). This way you’re always sleeping on the cool side.
  3. Avoid drinking caffeine after your mid-day meal and resist sugary treats too close to bedtime.
  4. If outside or neighborhood noise is crushing your sleep ability, consider playing light music or purchasing a white noise machine. Your sanity will thank you later.
  5. Establish a routine to create order, familiarity, and comfort in your night time habits.
  6. Keep distractions out of the bedroom. Including devices which emit blue light and items that may wake you during a sleep cycle.
  7. Lavender is a fantastic sleep aid and you can find a variety of lavender scented products for the bedroom (diffusers, waxes, oils, bed sprays). Explore why lavender is the sweet scent of sleep here.
  8. If you suffer from allergies, a warm shower before bed will wash away any outdoor allergens collected through the day.

Aradia Fitness! Why Choose Us?

What makes Aradia one of the most unique fitness boutiques in Edmonton? 

Alternative Fitness Classes
At Aradia, we believe that fitness should be fun! All of the classes offered at Aradia are designed to not only give you an incredible workout, but most importantly – one that you enjoy. This won’t be a class in which you’re looking at the clock constantly wondering “how many minutes left until this is over?” You’ll probably be wishing they were actually longer than 60 minutes! At Aradia, we believe there’s nothing better than waking up sore in the morning, without having realized you even worked out!

Our Classes include: Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Strength/Flexibility, Pole Choreography classes (flow,sexy,lyrical), Bootcamps, Dancing in Heels, Hip-Hop, Bellydancing, Pound Fitness, and MORE

Small Class Sizes
Aradia Fitness offers small class sizes! Safety is our #1 priority at Aradia, and we want to ensure that students are well looked after in our small classes. Make sure to book online in order to get your spot!

Four Studio Locations (Whyte Ave, Kingsway, Sherwood Park, St. Albert)
Aradia Fitness is THE only pole dancing studio in Edmonton that has more than one location. Why is this important?
1. We have four studios! (Kingsway has two rooms, so that basically makes 5 studios!). This means that we can offer 5 times the amount of class options that any other studio is able to offer, at the same price.
2. We have 40+ instructors at Aradia. This is incredibly important, as you will be given the opportunity to learn from a plethora of skilled instructors who specialize in their own area of interest on the pole. For example, if you’re interested in lyrical or competitive pole, you will most likely suit an instructor who is also lyrical and also possibly a competitor. It’s GREAT to try as many different styles of pole as you can, so that you can get a well-rounded education in the art of pole. Therefore, by taking many different classes with many different instructors, you are being offered the most diverse instruction in the city of Edmonton.
3. The most classes in the city! You can make Aradia your main gym!

Performance Opportunities
Each year we host our annual showcase in October. You can either choose to participate in this showcase by joining a troupe, and performing in a professional theatre setting with professional pole rigging – or just come relax, watch the show, and enjoy our afterparty! This annual showcase is a highly sought after event, which sells out year after year! We also have mini showcase events at our studio as well!

Special Events
Community is incredibly important to us at Aradia Fitness. We don’t want this to just be a place to sweat it out – we want you to be a part of our #AradiaFamily
This is why Aradia Fitness has hired Special Events coordinators, whom host events simply because we love our students! We have hosted mini showcases, halloween parties, glow pole dance parties, evenings’ and field trips outside of the studio, pole at the lake, and so much more! Follow us on facebook to keep up with all of our incredible events!

Quality Control
Aradia Fitness strives to ensure that our classes are top of the line in quality. We provide our instructors with ample training throughout the year by one of the most well-certified, longest-instructing Pole Fitness instructor in Edmonton (Rachelle B). Rachelle is also our quality control inspector who you might see pop in to a class or two in order to perform an assessment on all of our instructors!

Giving Back To The Community
We are SO excited about this next one! In 2018, Aradia Fitness will be launching their “A Radiant Goddess” charity (check it out on facebook!)

Proceeds from ALL classes, memberships, and parties will be going towards this charity.
This charity will be working to send 2-3 girls per month to an 8-week intensive workshop with a professional psychologist at “Evolution Psychology” about positive body image, building health relationships, and healthy self-esteem. At Aradia, we’ve helped so many people to find confidence within themselves again.

“Welcome to the #AradiaFamily

You are here because you made the decision to step outside your comfort zone. That is something that not many people will do – but you did it.

There will be days where you might be frustrated with your journey, and there will be days where you will nail a trick, and feel incredibly proud of yourself.
There will be days where you feel tired, defeated, and wish you stayed home, and there will be days where you feel empowered, fearless, and unstoppable.

Whatever day you’re having, we’re here for you, because we’re a family. We’re here to show you that your body is strong and beautiful, regardless of your age, race, gender, or size because in our family, we believe that we that we have a secret that the outside world doesn’t know about. Some might only see the stigma, but we see so much more.

We see grace, athleticism, sensuality, and body positivity. We see you, not only for the hats you wear, but the person you are and the journey you’re on.

You are an absolute rockstar!
We’re glad we found you. Enjoy your pole journey, for it is yours and nobody else’s.”


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