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Food For The Pole Spring Challenge!

CHALLENGE STARTS MARCH 6TH! Sign up for this 8 week challenge with International Certified Aradia Pole Instructor, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist, Rachelle B.

Learn how to fuel your body with healthy eating tips and tools that will help you perform and feel your best while you reach your goals. You will have weekly contact with Rachelle B. and she will guide you towards success!



The winner of this challenge will receive 2 free workshops and a private with **POLE STAR** TARA MEYER!

SPRING CHALLENGE – meal plan & pole fitness challenge.

WELCOME to Food for the Pole’s SPRING challenge! I am combining my love for healthy eating and pole fitness with you. During this 8 week challenge I will teach you how proper nutrition is integral to reaching your goals. Let’s take this daunting task and turn it into something simple and sustainable, and take a few spins around the pole while doing so!
Here’s how it works…
1. All contestants : receive 8 weeks of weekly nutritional coaching and guidance ; you will be responsible for sending me a weekly journal that I will personally review and make adjustments/recommendations. – receive a Food for the Pole lunch kit and tank, plus a collection of some of my favourite recipes, along with some cross training recommendations to do outside of the studio. – must be an ARADIA student or instructor. – must agree to remain physically active with pole training during the 8 weeks. – must submit a short video containing: 1. A flexibility move. 2. A strength move. 3. A combo connecting 2 or more moves together within 2 days of being accepted into the challenge. A repeat of the SAME moves must be submitted within the last 2 days of the challenge.

2. Challenge runs March 6th to May 1st, 2017. Applications must be submitted by midnight March 3rd, 2017. You can do so by emailing me at

3. Judging will be done by Rachelle B and a guest judge. The winner of the challenge will be notified first and then the rest of the group will be contacted. I will be looking for improvements in strength, flexibility, and fat loss/muscle gain. (This is dependant on each person’s needs/goals – everyBODY is different and the nutritional plans will be personalized)

4. Winner of the challenge will receive 2 free workshops and a private with **POLE STAR** TARA MEYER while she is here in May on her Canadian Tour!

5. The cost to enter is $275.00. This is non-refundable.  Minimum of 3 contestants; Maximum of 10 contestants. Apply NOW by CONTACTING ME! It starts with you, but you are not alone!

Instructor Spotlight – Rachelle B


Rachelle Pole Instructor

Rachelle Pole Instructor

1. Tell us the story of how you began pole dancing.

I was first introduced to pole at an Aradia Fitness in Toronto, while living in the Muskokas. I was travelling into Toronto with a girl-friend to see Damien Rice perform, and on the drive in, she told me that we had to stop by this pole studio where a mutual friend had just started teaching. Apparently, the plan was to take her intro class before heading out for dinner, and then to the concert. My first thought was “I am NOT having it!” Never in a million years did I think I would be taking a pole class, not even for an hour. When I saw all the “shoes” on the shelves immediately as we walked into the studio, I almost turned around and walked right back out.

Despite reluctantly agreeing to participate, I remember after the warmup, during the CAT section of class, looking at my girlfriend and saying “I can’t wait to do this again”! That was in 2007, and I am still spinning around an Aradia pole!

2. You’ve been one of the longest standing instructors at Aradia. What keeps you going?

Yes, I am an Aradia Original Gangster! LOL. There are a many things that keep me going after all these years, but mostly, it is the sense of family and sisterhood I feel when I am at Aradia.

Be it fellow instructors or students, we share a unique passion for something that makes me feel very connected to them – kindred spirits if you will.


3. Tell us about Food For the Pole, how did you get interested in Nutrition? How does your program benefit pole dancers?

I first developed an interest in nutrition after my second baby was born. My sister was a competitive body builder and I was amazed at how her body transformed. At that time, I wasn’t interested in having a bikini physique, but rather, I just wanted to eat properly and feel good.

She started me on that path.

Rachelle Pole Instructor


Eventually, I ended up taking a fitness and nutrition course just for fun, which lead to more and more courses and my own walk on stage for a Bikini/Figure Competition. While I was training for the bikini competition I realized how much stronger and more flexible I was. But, I wasn’t spending any more time in the gym or on the pole than I was prior, and so it clearly came down to my diet. It was astonishing how much my food choices contributed to my pole conditioning, especially in regards to flexibility. That’s when the idea hit me… food and pole!

As a pole dancer, flexibility can make or break your progress in the sport, and that is why I decided to start Food for the Pole. Proper nutrition is important in any sport. Learning how to fuel your body to hold an Iron X AND perform on stage for 4 minutes without extreme fatigue requires a step-by-step approach, and that’s where I help.

In addition to nutritionally coaching competitors, I work with everyday people who just want to learn how to properly balance a meal, or those looking to lose weight.

4. What is your favourite thing about pole dancing altogether?

My favourite thing about pole is definitely teaching! I love watching people fall in love with this sport, especially the ones who come into the studio with the same attitude I did so many years ago. I will never forget my first pole teacher, and I absolutely love being a part of other people’spole journey.

5. What do you find challenges you the most? You seem to have it all, the flexibility – the strength. Tell us, what challenges Rachelle.

I like to joke with my students that I have Pole Dyslexia… but, I am also sincere when I say it. I struggle a lot as a student myself. I am a slow learner, needing to see a move again, and again, and again… I need the move explained to me, and I need to feel the move. This is a real struggle when I am teaching myself things, or trying to figure out the latest IG fad move. With having a family, I don’t get as much time to hit the studio to practice with fellow instructors as I used to, so I have to rely on self-teaching, trial and error. My learning style is definitely my biggest challenge.

6. Where do you find your training inspiration from? Tell us about some of the workshops that you’ve taken previously!

I have so many people that inspire me, but I will keep the list as short as I can! My pole inspirations go back to the Original Gangsters of pole… Karol Helms, Alethea Austin, Jenyne Butterfly, Jamilla… they are the founders of pole as we know it. Respect always to these Goddesses!

I went to Stripcamp with LUX_ATL in 2016. This was memorable for me as it was a small group (just 3 of us). We stayed the weekend with her in her home, learning the art of performing and audience engagement. Having that intimate time with Lux allowed me to be raw and vulnerable, and she was able to tap into some of my pole insecurities. I had an “uh-huh” moment with her that makes Stripcamp very dear to my heart. If you make it to Stripcamp you will see my name on the bunkbed!

One of my most cherished pole inspirations is the one and only Marlo Fisken. She is hands-
down the coolest, most bad-ass person I have ever met. Her WTF (Work The Floor) workshops at Pole Expo are an absolute MUST! Marlo inspires me daily as an instructor. Aside from her being a dancer, a performer, and a pole dancer, she is simply one of the best teachers I have ever worked with! Marlo inspires me to be the best teacher I can be.

This past September, I was lucky enough to be behind the scenes of a video filming of a Cirque production in Vegas, directed by the one and only Jenyne Butterfly. I was able to see beyond the stage, beyond the dancers, and all the things that make a production a success. For me, there really is more than just an artist and a pole… so much heart goes into everything. This was so personal, because I put so much of my own heart into every part of pole, whether it is teaching, class planning, training other instructors, or choreography. I saw Jenyne’s heart and soul that day, and that left me with inspiration for a lifetime!

7. What advice could you give to someone who has been working through their pole journey at a slow pace – but they’re eager to move up quickly?

Hurry up and slow down! Don’t rush things that need time to grow! Everyone’s pole journey is their own, and we will all get to where we need to be when we need to be there.

8. Being a busy mom of 3, how do you find time to manage a household and dedicate time to health and fitness as well?

It all comes down to a very supportive husband, period. I couldn’t do what I do without him, and he couldn’t do what he does without me. We invest in ourselves so that we are able to take care of everything else. Taking care of ourselves is part of taking care of our kids; the only people responsible for turning them into happy, healthy adults, is us. We get up at 5am to workout, make mini-dates to the market, and meal-prep together. We are a team. Whatever it takes, we do it together. Well, except for pole – pole is mine!


Pole Dancing and Positive Body Image

The recent outrage of women across the world in response to Lady Gaga’s SuperBowl halftime show sparked this blog for me – especially as a studio owner that encourages Positive Body Image.

I mean, none of us actually saw any flab – we saw a healthy young woman with an excellent voice and top-notch performance. Nonetheless, we were shocked when we saw Social Media outlash, describing Lady Gaga as a flabby, gut-heralding diva. Thankfully, many of us knew better, and we were outraged. So much in fact, women started speaking out exclaiming “THIS is WHY women have such negative body image!”

I see it every single day my friends. It’s one of the hardest sells about taking a Pole Dancing Class. Do you know how many times I’ve heard someone pass by my booth at a tradeshow, and claim “I’ll try that when I’m 20 pounds less.” WHY would you try an exercise regime when you are 20 pounds less? I know the answer to that, actually – it’s quite simple. You’ve seen the exotic dancers on TV shows, movies, or maybe in real life – and they have what you deem to be as a perfect body. One that should be up on that pole, flaunting their cellulite free booties. (The blue lights in clubs help this illusion, by the way).

I’ve even had women come up to our booth at tradeshows, and say “Oh good, you women look normal. I want to try a class.” They almost seem relieved to find out that we aren’t all model-figures, but in fact EVERYDAY women!

I have women asking me for “plus sized” classes specifically. They are ashamed of their larger frame, and are scared that the other participants in the class will judge them for it. Have you heard of Plus Sized Barre, Plus Sized Cross-fit, Plus Sized Boxing, Plus Sized Aerobics? I sure haven’t! And if they do exist, then that’s just ridiculous in my almighty opinion. ALL SHAPES, SIZES, AND ABILITIES will be welcomed at our studio, in EVERY single class. Your weight DOES not determine your ABILITY. Everybody starts at Pole 101. What if I told you it was your mindset that determined your success? Your attitude is the largest contributing factor to YOUR success. We’ve had women in classes literally say “I can’t do this because I’m big.” And they’re right – they weren’t able to do it, they determined their success in the class right then and there. We’ve also had larger-framed women who frankly didn’t give a damn, and they lifted their body-weight flawlessly, executing pole moves that some think are intangible. This is why we do not offer Plus-Sized only classes. The title within itself sets a stigma for the class that is being offered, and that statement alone is saying “I’m in this class because I’m larger. I can’t keep up with “regular-sized” individuals.”

Positive Body Image is not the absence of negative body image. Keep that in mind. I am a key example of this – and I live it everyday. In my younger years, I absolutely hated myself. Hate is a strong word, but it described perfectly how I felt about my body. I remember standing in front of the mirror bawling my eyes out, using self-harm as a coping mechanism, and wishing I could just “cut away the fat.” Starvation diets, and extreme workouts were some of the few ways in which I felt I needed to punish my body into submission.

This is why I am so thankful for Pole Fitness – it has really changed the way that I view my body. People are welcome to argue that Pole Dancing is actually anti-feminism, in which exotic dancing was solely created for the male gaze. None of that will ever impact how it changed my life, and especially my body image. Like mentioned before, Positive Body Image is not the absence of negative body image. I would absolutely love to say that I don’t mind my stomach pooch of stretched skin from the creation of my daughter. I would also love to say that I’m not absolutely terrified to have more children, because I know it will continuously get worse. I also wish I could say that I wear my “tiger stripes” AKA stretch marks proudly – but I don’t.

I can however say, that I finally appreciate my body, and actually love it. I could never go back to that point in time where I wanted to cut myself – I just couldn’t do that to myself, because I love myself, and my body doesn’t deserve that. Pole Dancing has empowered me – it has shown me things that I am capeable of doing. It has shown me that years ago when I used to look at girls in the higher level, and think “I could never do that,”- that I actually CAN do that, because now I HAVE done it. Even though I attempt to hide my stomach, I now look at myself and think “wow, I have a fantastic ASS!” “wow my smile is beautiful!” “Wow, my skin is looking great.”

There are so many things we CAN love about ourselves. How you feel about your body doesn’t need to have a label. We don’t need the pressure of saying “I love everything about my body. I’m the most body positive person in the universe!” You don’t need to be labelled as being EITHER a Body Positive Person, or a Body Negative Person – with no in between. Instead, we need to encourage everyone to find MORE things they love about themselves, than things that they don’t.

In the least, we hope that we can teach you to find things that you love about yourself, in hope that it minimizes the things you don’t love as much. That in itself can be hugely powerful, and will absolutely translate to all aspects of your life. 

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