Aug '17


Pole used to be the love of my life… and now I’m considering divorce

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Oh, love. It’s the butterflies in your stomach. It’s the thing that captures your thoughts and feelings, as you daydream about all of the combinations of tricks that you’re determined to learn and attempt. Maybe you obsess over it. Instagram videos. Youtube videos. Pinterest pictures. The bruise collection on your body… pole is your jam… Read more »

Jun '17


Meet Aradia’s Pole Dancing Powercouple!

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Chantelle (owner): I have to admit that back in 2015 when I received an e-mail from Alex requesting to start taking pole dancing classes with his partner, my first initial thought was “hmm, I don’t think he quite knows what he’s getting into.” Our classes at Aradia definitely range from a callisthenics workout/fitness class to… Read more »

Apr '17


The Danger in Comparison

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For those of you who saw my latest instagram post, you’ll know that this blog relates directly to it, but I’mma go in more detail. And if you read that instagram post, you’ll remember how I discussed writing myself off this weekend. Writing myself off for not feeling good enough, strong enough, fit enough – all… Read more »