Intermediate Spin & Sexyflow Workshop


In this workshop we will work on combining spin pole & sexy flow into one flawless routine. We will explore some simple beautiful spins, dynamic floor work, and smooth transitions from static to spinning from the floor to air!

Students must be able to climb & sit on the pole. Heels required!
50% off for members! Email in for code!
KINGSWAY:  Friday September 29th @ 5:30pm
ST.ALBERT: Saturday September 25th @ 1pm

Pole & Chair Flow Workshop

– Love chair & lapdances? Love pole flows? In this workshop we combine your love for both! Bring your heels and knee pads and get ready to mix the best of chair and pole together!
-Must be able to complete a PNE spin
50% off with membership!
WHYTE: Saturday October 14th @ 1pm
KINGSWAY: Friday October 13th @5:30pm