Last Christmas Pole-Strip Workshop!


A special holiday themed pole-strip workshop! Bring yourself some heels & knee pads in your sexiest christmas outfit to peel off 😉

December 8th @ 6pm Kingsway
December 15th @ 6pm Kingsway



Heels 101 Workshop


Are you in aw of the Heels you’ve seen around the studio? Have you always wanted to wear a pair of heels out, but do not know how? Or have you been learning to dance in heels, and want to look a little less like Bambi and a little more like Superwoman? This workshop will teach you the basics: from balance, weight distribution, walks, turns, exercises to ton legs, bottoms, hips, thighs, and core. We will teach you some exercises to end soreness, and stretches for at home. We will have you feeling sexy, confident, and fighting crime in your heels in no time! Please bring a pair of heels to learn in one inch or taller.

January 12th  @ 6pm at Kingsway location

January 14th @  4pm at Whyte Ave location


"Girls Like U" Chairdance Workshop

In this one hour long workshop we will be creating a sensual routine to the song “Girls Like U” By Blackbear. Please bring yourself some knee pads & heels (optional).

Clothing is whatever you feel most comfortable or sexy in!

Open level! Everyone welcome 🙂

Feb 7th @ 6pm Kingsway

Feb 10th @ 12pm Whyte Ave

What do I do With This Foam Roller?

Do you have a foam roller? Did you buy it with best intentions, but now it collects dust because you never really know how to use it?

In this 90 minute workshop, Paulina, a 2200 hr RMT and Aradia instructor will teach you how to use your roller to improve your flexibility, ease stiffness or soreness in muscles and joints, as well as help prevent and recover from injury or hard work outs.

What you need:

**You will need to bring your own foam roller for this workshop. (Average smooth foam roller from sportchek or winners in the perfect starting point if you are looking to purchase one).

*Comfortable, non bulky clothes with as few zippers/pockets as possible


*Pen & paper optional

WHEN: Feb 4th  – 4pm-5:40pm –  Kingsway Location