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Food For the Pole by Rachelle Bibeau

Whether you have just enrolled in your first pole dancing Edmonton class or are planning on entering an upcoming competition, it is important to recognize that proper nutrition is integral to achieving your goals. Just like learning the Russian Splits requires a step-by-step approach, so does learning how to fuel your body.

Rachelle B. is an Internationally Certified Aradia Instructor in Edmonton as well as a Sports Nutritionist who is the founder of Food for the Pole.  Rachelle understands the sport of Pole and what is demanded of the body physically, mentally, and nutritionally. She is a busy mother and wife, who has always been passionate about health and wellness.  She knows that in order for to fulfil the many roles expected of today’s woman, she has to invest in herself – “I am healthy, and I am happy, and you can be too!”

With all the fad diets, food labelling confusion, and (mis)information at our disposal, taking control of your nutritional health can seem overwhelming at the best of times, but this does not have to be the case.  Rachelle will take what you may think to be a daunting task and turn it into something that is not only simple, but sustainable.

“The plan that I design for each person has one goal in mind and that is to get you feeling healthier and sexier in your own skin.  Whether your end goal is to wear your favourite little black dress, get into a bikini, rock that pole/splits, or to simply improve energy to help with every day life challenges, I am confident we will get there.”

Rachelle will GIVE you the TOOLS… and YOU will ACHIEVE your GOALS!

“Nothing feels as good as feeling good feels.”- Rachelle B.